If you are aware of a compelling research project that meets our general objectives (see below), please have the project managing director send background information including:

  • CV’s on key research personnel,
  • Written descriptions of the proposed research including a summary of related work accomplished by the same team or the same institution, and
  • A detailed budget in as much detail as possible (noting any institution overhead).

Utilizing our venture capital experience, the Foundation hopes to select promising research projects where The Frederick Banting Foundation’s funds can accelerate unrecognized or under-appreciated technologies where we believe our funding can be a catalyst to stimulate rapid development or adoption.

The Frederick Banting Foundation seeks to disburse funds in increments of approximately $100,000 and is willing to make multi-year commitments of up to three years (or a total of $300,000).  We will however fund less, perhaps $50,000, to support innovative “seed” grant ideas and will, on occasion, support larger amounts.